Beat Fire Mod APK 1.1.96 (Unlimited Money)
Beat Fire Mod APK 1.1.96 (Unlimited Money)

Beat Fire Mod APK 1.1.96 (Unlimited Money)

By thetoan - June 23, 2022
Name Beat Fire
Version 1.1.96
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 40MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Music, Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Adaric Music
Genre ,
Update June 23, 2022 (5 months ago )
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Beat Fire Mod is what music lovers are looking for. This game will get you excited with the hottest EDM song series and fun gunplay mechanics. Tap the screen to shoot the gun and complete the missing notes in your track. You will see a series of beautiful effects on a romantic background that will make you unable to take your eyes off.

Play and conquer the most difficult levels, then you can unlock a series of exciting rewards from gun skins to effects. This is a colorful playground for every gamer to relax with the most vibrant and smooth music on the phone. So, are you ready to join it and become a real artist?

Download Beat Fire Mod – electronic music game

Compared to classic music games like Magic Tiles 3, Beat Fire is a completely new experience. Instead of playing music on the piano keys, you will conquer the fast-paced shooting levels on the phone screen. So, instead of being a pianist, you can be a good gunner and love the art. It’s great to be able to enjoy two popular gameplay in one experience. And you will not be able to take your eyes off the gunfire and exciting EDM music here.


Most searched music song series

Beat Fire will immerse young gamers in today’s hottest songs. Because it owns hundreds of songs topping global music charts and owns the most views. So it’s very easy to find your favorite songs, such as Monody, Faded, Alone, Nevada … Besides, the music in the game is also divided into many different categories. It includes Normal, Hot, New, VIP, and Collection music. In each category, you can find new tunes that suit your taste. The music collection will be constantly updated to refresh the gamer’s experience. So you can find and play the most trendy music today.

Music is the most important thing in a music game like Beat Fire. But the experience will be better when you can master the music by yourself. Please choose one of your favorite songs from the list of available songs. Or you will sign up for a VIP account to unlock more great music. Then you can click “Play” and play it right away. Besides, don’t forget to mark your favorite song by touching the “heart” icon next to the song name. You’ll see it always appear first in your searches. So you can shorten the time to find your favorite music.


The mechanism of playing music with a gun

Beat Fire Mod’s new and addictive music-playing mechanics will keep you excited. Forget the black piano notes for a while and get to the breathtaking shooting levels. Your mission is to shoot all the bricks falling on the screen with your gun and scope. You will find the effects look great and the gunfire combined with the original music is also very harmonious. The bricks will fall at the right time of the song’s rhythm, so it accentuates the important notes of the song. Thanks to that, they make the melody new and exciting.

Playing music with a gun is really nothing too unique without the beautiful effects that drop after each shot. Depending on the type of gun, you may see different effects. Some guns create flowers, while others create snow effects and more. Everything contributes to a colorful experience, making the game scene more romantic and attractive than ever. So you should save your account to unlock more new guns. Thanks to that, you can see many new unique effects.


Rich levels of playing music

Beat Fire has 3 levels of music playback corresponding to different levels of gamers. If you are new, you can choose the easy level. While the average or expert players can choose a medium or hard level. Of course, each level offers a difference in speed and reward mode.

Besides, this game also makes a good impression on players thanks to its vivid graphic style. EDM tracks are highlighted by unique effects and symbols such as flowers, musical notes, snow, etc. You will find the music played very smoothly, the gameplay is equally smooth. So you can play your music comfortably without worrying about lags that might interfere with your performance.

Beat Fire Mod may be the favorite choice of many young gamers. Why? Because it owns the hottest EDM song series today and innovative music playing mechanism. You can play and enjoy live melodies against a colorful backdrop. So it’s really relaxing to play anytime and anywhere without getting bored. Regardless of whether you are male or female, this title is a fun choice to try now.

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