Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod Apk 1.0.8 (Unlimited Money)
Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod Apk 1.0.8 (Unlimited Money)

Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod Apk 1.0.8 (Unlimited Money)

By trangha94 - July 30, 2022
Name Chimeraland: Jurassic Era
Version 1.0.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 75.15MB
Requires Android 6.0, IOS 8.0
Category Games, Adventure
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Level Infinite
Genre ,
Update July 30, 2022 (4 months ago )
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Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod is a special game for adventurous people. It will definitely make you happy and comfortable. At the same time, be thrilled with their countless challenges and exciting discoveries. Join now to learn more about Chimeraland: Jurassic Era!

About Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod

About Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod

Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod is a fascinating adventure game. You will discover Chimera Island with countless interesting things such as: Join festivals, hunt animals and tame them.

Chimeraland: Jurassic Era, although just released in early 2022, has attracted many attendees. According to statistics, there have been hundreds of thousands of downloads. This number globally is recorded in online app marketplaces.

Highlights in Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod

The outstanding features only in Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod can be mentioned as:

Immerse yourself in the dragon egg festival

A new series of Exotic Eggs has arrived in the world. They are like egg-shaped stones and are very large. Visitors can explore this batch of stone eggs on four mountains located across Chimeraland. Visitors can earn a 100 to 8,000-year-old dinosaur and other giant animals by finding and tapping on them. Even an 8,000-year-old Tyrannosaur or Spinosaur. They can also be spotted by lucky travelers

However, the giant creatures that emerge from the eggs are identical to real-world creatures, which can be hunted for prizes or kept as pets.

Many continents with detailed maps for you to explore

A total of 4 continents and over 9 billion square feet of maps are available. From there, help you collect, hunt for treasures and build houses.

Join many game modes

Join many game modes

You can join more than ten different single-player and team-based spin-offs that have been created especially for you by interacting with special furniture and expansive map scene pieces to complete a variety of quests. different topics.

Adventure in the vast world of Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod

The game’s vast geographic location is awe-inspiring. You can focus on combat or play randomly. By creating your own home and exploring the environment. There are several giant animal bosses that you and your allies can take down. You can even capture creatures to keep as pets.

Chimeraland also features beautiful scenery and an expansive fantasy setting. The size of the planet Chimeraland is up to 836 million square meters. Every step is a new adventure that leads you to a fascinating place. Everything is built using cutting-edge Unreal Engine technology, with an emphasis on a variety of unusual animals. Very vibrant and active!

Customize your own character

You can choose your original race from different choices when creating your character. There will be unique talents, identities, and weapons for each race. Live like a caveman and start your exploration from here.

Unlimited freedom when joining the game

In the universe of Chimeraland, freedom has no limits. Of course, as an elderly person, you are free to do whatever you need. Or choose to do to support the struggle for survival here. Choose your region, build your home, hunt animals, ride horses, consume meat, tame wild creatures and explore the area to learn more about it.

The ability to create anything is the main feature of Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod. For example, build a house. You have the option of building your home in the mountains, by the sea or on a small island, or even while in the sky. Discover the best places by traveling often and live long before deciding where to place your future residence. Can you picture yourself living in a rustic house with a green beach surrounded by huge trees? And can you look at the vast horizon every morning? What a great feeling!

Hunting wild animals and fighting for survival

Hunting wild animals and fighting for survival

Among the characters’ normal and everyday hobbies is hunting wild animals. You will join the fight to survive, get food. Or protect yourself from hordes of ferocious wild creatures. Again, gamers are allowed to hunt as they like. To capture an animal or defend yourself, use ranged combat, melee attacks, or your own homemade weapons. You’ll have the option to switch between weapons at any time for quick and efficient combat.

Taming your animals

The scariest creatures never seen before can be found there, including horned rhinoceros, sea wolves, ancient phoenixes and birds with human bodies. All of these species may one day be used by the military. Approach them cautiously, use your wits to tame them and teach them to join your army of beasts.

Mod feature in Chimeraland: Jurassic Era

Chimeraland: Jurassic Era has a Mod feature of Unlimited Money. Thanks to that, help you have the best experience participating in this game.

Frequently asked questions about Chimeraland: Jurassic Era

1. Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod is difficult to play?

Chimeraland: Jurassic Era has beautiful graphics, the control buttons are clearly displayed. Therefore, making the game play becomes much simpler.

2. Chimeraland: Jurassic Era can join many people at the same time?

Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod allows playing with multiplayer mode. Therefore, you can invite your friends to join this game.

3. Chimeraland: Jurassic Era can be used on which phone platform?

Chimeraland: Jurassic Era can be used on all different phone platforms. Including Android and iOS.

Download Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod for Android, IOS

Download Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod for Android, IOS

Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod now has a download link in this article. Please find and try to download the game. In addition, some games with similar content that you can refer to are: Jurassic World The Game, Jurassic World Alive, Jurassic Survival ,…

Thus, all information about the game Chimeraland: Jurassic Era Mod has been fully synthesized by . Hopefully, you can read carefully to understand the rules of the game. From there, join the best game.

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