Devil House APK 1.3.8
Devil House APK 1.3.8

Devil House APK 1.3.8

By naomi988 - September 7, 2022
Name Devil House
Version 1.3.8
MOD Features N/A
Size 76M
Requires Android
Category Games, Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Infinite light years
Genre ,
Update September 7, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Discover the horror and ghost inside the game Devil House APK today. If you love thrilling and suspenseful details, you can’t ignore the name Devil House that drives the simulation game market crazy.

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Introducing Devil House APK

Devil House is an attractive survival strategy game, with similar gameplay to the Ghost 3D game in HeyFun, Lying Flat And Survive, Haunted Dorm, or Devil House, etc. In this game, you will accompany your group of friends. His exploration of a house filled with evil spirits.

When the clock starts to count down, you and your companions need to quickly leave the hallway and find an empty room to enter and lock the door. Then go to bed and try to fall asleep. When the countdown ends, there will be evil spirits wandering around the corridors, trying to find a way to break the door to destroy you.

While your characters sleep, you will receive money. This money can be used to upgrade beds to make sleep more quality, generate more gold and faster. You also need to upgrade the door so that it becomes solid and solid. This will help it be able to withstand the powerful attack of the demons.

Not only that, players also need to build many different defensive towers to destroy the evil spirits outside and try to survive until dawn. The demons will also evolve very quickly and become extremely aggressive and powerful. Therefore, you need to speed up and upgrade constantly to try to protect yourself.

Features of Devil House APK

Weapon Upgrade

Players should participate in mini games to be able to earn money and carry out the construction of suitable buildings. In addition, the addition and upgrade of weapons is also extremely important, determining your win rate in the match. Demons can appear at any time to attack you, if you are not alert you will easily lose. When the demon kills, the game will end and you will become the one who got the victory. Conversely, if your character is killed by the ghost, you will have to start over.

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Use the camera to watch other players

You can also use the camera to observe the top to monitor the activities of other players. The less inhabited an area, the higher the risk of being attacked by monsters. And thanks to these cameras, players will be able to easily plan to upgrade the defenses of their rooms.

Watch ads to upgrade the door

Throughout the game, Devil House also provides short commercials. When you watch these ads there will be a chance to get a free upgrade. However, do not rush to use it in the early stages of the game. Use it when you need to upgrade to door 5, as it will unlock a luxury bed worth up to 500 gold.

Always accept to collect 3 times

After defeating the monster, the player will receive a lot of gold and high-class items to use. After receiving these rewards, Devil House will offer players to watch a short commercial to be able to multiply the rewards by 3. Do not hesitate to do it, because it will help you advance much faster in this game.


Devil House is designed with extremely smooth 3D graphics and the characters in the game also look extremely lovely. Besides, the game also uses scary sound elements that make the hair on the back of the player’s neck stand up. It is these things that have made players able to immerse themselves in the extremely creepy game world.

Devil House APK {{version}}

FAQs about Devil House

Is Devil House free?

Devil House APK is a horror game provided by LMHMOD for free for players. You can immediately download this game and immerse yourself in the battles with extremely creepy monsters without paying any cost.

Is Devil House safe to download?

Devil House APK has been checked by LMHMOD’s IT team using a variety of specialized security review software. That will ensure the safety of players’ mobile devices.

What age group is Devil House suitable for?

Devil House APK possesses elements of horror and violence. Therefore, it is only suitable for players 12 years and older.

Download Devil House APK for Android

Devil House APK at LMHMOD is considered a game that meets the entertainment needs of players. Joining the game will help players relieve stress extremely effectively. Download Devil House APK now at LMHMOD to get the best experience.

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