Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 Apk 2.0.4
Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 Apk 2.0.4

Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 Apk 2.0.4

By thiendi01 - September 12, 2022
Name Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22
Version 2.0.4
MOD Features N/A
Size 97.0 MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Climax Game Studios
Genre ,
Update September 12, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 is a simulation game that combines becoming a farm boss and driving agricultural vehicles of all kinds. 2 interwoven content in a game will give you attractive and unexpected gameplay.

Introduce Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22

The game simulates driving, farming of all kinds, with sharp, thoughtful 3D graphics that cause a lot of sympathy. You can see the golden rice under the wheel, the red dirt road smoky every time the car passes. 

Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22
Introduce Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22

Each part of the car rolled rhythmically. Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 will take players to explore a peaceful life in the countryside. As the owner of the farm, anything you can do, the player also mobilizes everything himself in developing his farm. 

Players drive tractors, which can handle machines of all sizes, from harvesting to sowing rice to teleporting as well as transporting agricultural products.

Farm driving mission

Become a manager and drive 

Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 is considered a rather poisonous game with 1-0-2. Combining camp management and driving a tractor, players have the opportunity to experience all 2 tasks above.

As a manager, you will have to understand all the machines you have with you, all the agricultural machines and how to use them to work in farm development work. Such as: planting plants, growing rice, planting trees, irrigating, harvesting and transporting to where necessary in exchange for money.

Some games have similar genres such as: FarmVille 2: Country Escape,, Farm City, Farm Dream

Take a lot of time to get used to 

In the above missions, players need to spend a lot of time challenging themselves with different types of machines related to taking care of the farm such as plows, cutters, tractors, trucks. 

Each has its own function, way of driving and driving. 

  • Trucks to haul hay, farm tools and deliver produce to the place where they want to be ceded from the moment of harvest. 
  • Tractor motorcycles, also known as plows, are used to create looseness for the soil, wash the grass, create grooves, and raise beds before the time of sowing. 
  • Harvester motorcycles are used to harvest agricultural products when the season comes.
Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22
Take a lot of time to get used to

By mastering these types of equipment in vehicle coordination, you have the ability to do everything yourself for the farm, cutting operating costs and being self-reliant in terms of periods. 

The game leads to a lot of cars and transfers users a variety of experiences, not only leading to excitement when playing but also an opportunity for you to learn and understand how to operate each machine.

FAQs about Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22

What vehicles are available in Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22? 

Farm simulator: farming sim 22 has a variety of vehicles: tractors and trucks from the US, India, stamping machines, harvesters, crop transplanters, trolleys, pesticide sprayers from the famous group of farming machine brands, including aircraft that help with farming. 

Responsibilities included in Farm simulator : farming sim 22

In addition to the good driving jobs, each car has a different use, farmer farm simulator : farming sim 22 is also an adventure. You can choose several dissimilar crops, choose a sewing area, drive a plow to the ground, create beds and conduct seeding and rice transplanting.

At the same time, you can also take care of more pets and pets of all kinds to increase fertility. During that time you should take care of pets, feed, and care for them. With agricultural products, each type has a different irrigation schedule, spraying pesticides, disease prevention and monitoring of fruit production …

Playing Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 is difficult or not? 

In fact, to be able to play this game skillfully, players only need to practice and develop many skills for themselves. The gameplay will be easier if you get used to it. 

Download Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 Apk for Android

Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 is a standard game for you who want to understand more about farming and want to build a farm for yourself. It turns out that everything in farming is not simple, but it takes care and requires a lot of skills to make a successful crop. 

Players who want to try multiple roles at the same time, download Farm Simulator: Farming Sim 22 free versions at LMHMOD about play.

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