FIFA Online 4 APK 1.2206.0011
FIFA Online 4 APK 1.2206.0011

FIFA Online 4 APK 1.2206.0011

By tyranguyen1097 - September 1, 2022
Name FIFA Online 4
Version 1.2206.0011
MOD Features N/A
Size 96M
Requires Android
Category Games, Sport
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Price FREE
Publisher EA SPORTS
Genre ,
Update September 1, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Following the success of the FIFA Online 3 version, FIFA Online 4 is aimed at players with the most authenticity and thrill. At the same time, in this version, the publisher has removed all the bugs in the game. Players will experience the best version.

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What is FIFA Online 4?

FIFA Online 4 is a football-themed sports game published by Nexon and EA Sports. In the game, you will be transformed into a manager and coach of your favourite football team. Make decisions on tactics, gameplay, and player transfers for the club according to your wishes.

FO4 wishes to bring the highest honesty to players. Therefore, this game has been played by more than 15,000 players from 32 leagues around the world. In particular, the football teams of Vietnam and U23 Vietnam. These are the details that will round out your ideal team-building journey.

In the game, you will control your team from a third-person perspective. You can observe the entire situation of the game, make decisions to pass, shoot, attack, or defend according to the initial strategy of the team.

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Unique features in the football game FIFA Online 4

Change player stats

Live Performance is a feature that changes player stats based on the player’s performance in real life. This feature acts as a bridge connecting the real world and the game world, creating realism for this game.

The method of statistical performance of players is applied according to the FIFA scoring system. In the event a player does not play that week, the stats will be kept the same. If the player is underperforming and the score after the game is below the expected score, the player’s in-game stats will also be reduced.


This is a feature that allows you to give gifts to your friends. After logging into the game, making friends, you can go to the shop and use FC (the currency used in the game) to buy items and give gifts to your friends. The price to buy a gift is the same as the price of a self-use item, so you won’t be afraid of “loss”!

Team Color is a feature

Team Color is a very interesting feature in FIFA Online 4. Players only need to “sacrifice” 5 players with stats of 60 or more. If you have the same club payroll according to Team Color regulations, your team will permanently increase the stats corresponding to that team colour. The more Team Color you activate, the more your team will benefit.

Transfer market

Transfer market in FO4 is similar to that of FO3. When you want to sell any player, the player’s job is to choose and set the desired selling price.

As for buying players, it’s a bit different. You can choose to buy a player with the quantity and price you want without having to watch the ups and downs of the market in the game.

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Some FAQs about FIFA Online 4

Is the graphics and sound of the game FIFA Online 4 good?

With many significant improvements in graphics, FO4’s engine helps the players in the game come to life in terms of visuals and smooth in their movement, making players feel like they are watching real people compete. In addition, expressions of joy when celebrating or regret when missing an opportunity are also made extremely diverse, promising to create great experiences for players.

The game’s sound and music are also highly regarded.In every match, you will feel the enthusiasm of the audience on the field. Sometimes there are boos when a team deliberately plays poorly or buys time. On the other hand, the audio commentary of two famous commentators, Quang Huy and Quang Tung, also brings a hot atmosphere to the fiery matches.

How to fix the error when kicking the ball, how it bounces

In some cases, when you are playing in World Cup Mode or Practice Mode, the game will suddenly crash. That causes a lot of discomfort for players. However, do not worry too much, immediately click the edit button on the game interface and wait a few minutes for the system to automatically fix the error. Then you can continue to experience the game without worrying about that problem anymore.

Does downloading FIFA Online 4 cost LMHMOD?

This is a completely free game at LMHMOD. You have the right to download and play as you please without spending any money.

FIFA Online 4 APK {{version}}

Download now FIFA Online 4 APK game for Android iOS

The FIFA Online 4 game gives players extremely high interaction, creating the most realistic feeling. Download the soccer game today at LMHMOD to enjoy the top entertainment moments.

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