Goat Simulator Apk 2.0.3
Goat Simulator Apk 2.0.3

Goat Simulator Apk 2.0.3

By thiendi01 - September 5, 2022
Name Goat Simulator
Version 2.0.3
MOD Features N/A
Size 361.4 MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Arcade, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing
Genre ,
Update September 5, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Download Goat Simulator APK for free at LMHMOD right now to transform into a rebellious “goat”. In this game, you can do anything, even find a true mate and have children.

Introducing Goat Simulator APK

Goat Simulator APK
Introducing Goat Simulator APK

Coming to Goat Simulator apk, you will see that nothing is impossible. Released by Coffee Stain Studios, Goat Simulator is a unique and strange simulation game where you have to transform into 1 crazy goat, and can do anything in an open world. 

However, thanks to this extremely toxic madness, Goat Simulator has attracted great attention in the player community thanks to its extremely high stress relief ability.


Goat simulator apk creates an open environment where players can do everything they want without having to follow any rules. In this game, the game player will play the role of 1 odd goat wandering around. 

What has to be done seems to be just destroying the whole thing in sight — knocking things out and making the neighborhood a mess. By using a tiny horn and a long tongue used as a hook, the player controls it to drag, ramming, hooking on any items it encounters on the road and then throwing them away.

Wreak havoc and record achievements

Goat Simulator Apk also has objectives set for gamers, such as completing flips or wreaking havoc on objects. However, it is not a matter of compulsion, and you can play without having to obey them.

Goat Simulator APK
Wreak havoc and record achievements

The more objects the player destroys, the higher the score returned. If you have ever played True Skate or Nightshade then you will see that this game also has a similar scoring sequence. It is also understood that gamers have to perform many tricks and other behaviors to earn a draw. 

If you do many tricks at the same time, you will be able to use the multiplier for the total number of points you earn.

Many objects to incarnate

This game is called Goat Simulator Apk however gamers only have control over 1 goat during the game. There are many other unique structures such as devil goats, giraffes, ostrich birds, or cows with unique abilities available. 

But if there is a need to play the role of these animals, then gamers must unlock them step by step with the solution of taking small golden goat statues undetected in the game. 

Besides, players can also level up their goat so that it can do many other acts.

Images and effects

Goat Simulator APK
Images and effects

Goat Simulator Apk is suggested to gamers a completely independent world, with a huge amount of items decorated very suitably. Floating in this game is built in a beautiful 3d way, quite similar to real life and gamers can easily explore.

The devastating behaviors of the subjects are also super smooth, creating a sense of authenticity. In addition, sometimes we will see them have a lot of absurd behavior such as standing upright on a small fence, do not be afraid. 

These errors are all intentionally not removed by the production units to make a difference and playfulness. And this is also a weird game so you no longer have to pay too much attention to those specifics.


Is it easy to control the goat? 

  • Players can also use the function of the environment to control the goat to do adventurous stunts such as filling up the space thanks to large fans, jumping with trampolines. 
  • The reason is that in Goat Simulator Apk, it is not an ordinary goat. It can also climb extremely high ladders, migrate at lightning speed, or bounce through walls. 
  • Even when it fell from above, was run over by a car, stood in the middle of an explosion, or swept its head into a mill, it was never unharmed. You can do the control to break a gas station, hit people, explode a car, climb on a helicopter, or do anything else on these five continents excluding walls and plants.

Special features in the game Goat Simulator Apk? 

With many uncontrollable crazy behaviors of the goat, gamers can see that the urban population is quite calm when realizing this move. They don’t even want to notice when the goat climbs into a helicopter, kneads into rotations or wreaks havoc on parties. 

The only thing gamers saw the residents reacting to was that when many people were knocked away by the goat, the people around them ran away.

Download Goat Simulator Apk for android

In general, Goat Simulator Apk, although there is no unique information or content, this game still has a strange attraction thanks to the myths and madness to create your own personality.

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