IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD APK 1.00.16 (Free shopping)
IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD APK 1.00.16 (Free shopping)

IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD APK 1.00.16 (Free shopping)

By naomi988 - September 12, 2022
Version 1.00.16
MOD Features Free shopping
Size 151M
Requires Android
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher 魚拓有限公司
Genre ,
Update September 12, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Become a restaurant manager in Taiwan in the IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD game. The game is expected to bring players new experiences. Let’s learn about the dishes of the world to know more about the quintessence of Taiwan.

IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD APK {{version}} (Free shopping)

Introducing the game IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD

IDLE NIGHTMARKET is an extremely popular game in Taiwan. However, this game is not really popular in the Vietnamese market, so very few players know about it. However, if you experience this game, you will certainly feel extremely interesting, attractive or even “addictive”.

The game is set in the largest night market in Taiwan with hundreds of stalls selling famous cuisine in addition to attractive entertainment areas. Your task is to run the business and help this night market grow and be known to more people.

Diverse game modes

Entering IDLE NIGHTMARKET, players will experience many different game modes, each game mode will bring bonuses if you satisfy diners or win your opponents in cooking competitions. eat. Game modes such as store management with the task of timely serving the dishes that diners request, in this game mode the player only needs to serve the right dishes according to the customer’s order and not for the customer to order. wait too long.

After completing, players will be satisfied with customers and immediately receive bonuses thanks to positive customer reviews or choose a game mode with famous super chefs, using available ingredients to create into delicious dishes. From there, get the judges’ votes and win the prize with a huge amount of money. The gameplay is similar to Solitaire Arcana, Line Brown Farm, Sago Mini School.

Decorate the food according to the pattern

Each dish and drink has a model, you have to find the right ingredients according to the requirements and design of the food and drink in each challenge. The more players do exactly as the diners sample, the more satisfaction will increase and the more sales you will earn each day, making it easier for the player to find more premium ingredients in the next levels. .

Meet famous people

Because this is the largest and busiest night market in Taiwan, when doing business here, players will have the opportunity to meet many famous people. It can be famous actors, singers, musicians, youtubers, etc. The appearance of these characters will also help your night market attract more customers. During the process of playing the game and meeting these characters, you will experience the private stories of each character and pay attention to serve them carefully!


Not only possessing an attractive gameplay, but IDLE NIGHTMARKET is also developed with an extremely eye-catching graphics platform. The game is designed with very good quality 3D graphics with cartoon style. The images in the game are also designed very eye-catching and detailed. Players can easily recognize the typical style of Taiwan through the night market scene in this game. Those are the crowded and bustling streets and night markets with cozy yellow lights.

IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD APK {{version}} (Free shopping)



IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD is very safe for users’ mobile devices. LMHMOD’s IT team has censored this game through the most prestigious Antivirus software in the world. Therefore, it will not cause risks to the player’s device.


IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD is a completely free game at LMHMOD. You can download this game right away, experience the extremely interesting night market business feeling without paying any extra costs.

Does IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD have an age limit?

IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD is a game suitable for players of all ages. Therefore, you can comfortably experience this game.

Download IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD game for Android

IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD at LMHMOD gives players a completely new context, combined with extremely familiar simulation gameplay, giving you extremely unique experiences. Especially for those who love the hustle and bustle of Taiwan’s night market, you can’t miss IDLE NIGHTMARKET MOD at LMHMOD. Players can feel like they are traveling in real Taiwan.

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