Kung Fu Z Mod APK 1.9.24 (Coins, Gold, Gems, No Cooldown)
Kung Fu Z Mod APK 1.9.24 (Coins, Gold, Gems, No Cooldown)

Kung Fu Z Mod APK 1.9.24 (Coins, Gold, Gems, No Cooldown)

By CBCC - April 3, 2022
Name Kung Fu Z
Version 1.9.24
MOD Features Coins, Gold, Gems, No Cooldown
Size 52MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Tiny Titan Studios
Update April 3, 2022 (8 months ago )
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As a retro-oriented game with interestingly designed graphics, the game has attracted millions of players around the world. Kung Fu Z Mod will bring you the most enjoyable and satisfying feeling when you start participating. Become the hero that knows all the kung fu moves and go destroy the spooky zombies that are invading the earth. Zombies are spreading around the streets, you and other teammates need to work to bring peace to this city. Kung Fu martial arts started in the country of China, it has become famous around the world with its dangerous and powerful martial arts. With high and beautiful martial positions, you will experience a very interesting game when launching the way to destroy the evil zombies. Become a world-saving hero,

Download Kung Fu Z Mod – The War With Zombies

The story begins when the city where our main character is now being attacked by zombies, they are scattered in every corner of the city. As someone with special skills, you need to defeat these zombies to bring peace to the city. Kung Fu Z Mod Is a tough fight fighting zombies with different powers distributed throughout the city. With a large number of zombies everywhere, the fight against them will be a very difficult thing you need to deal with. But with the spirit of wanting to save everyone and the ultimate martial arts skills in hand, all barriers will become small. Play as a character who possesses many powerful Kung Fu moves,

The war with zombies begins

The city is now full of zombies and zombies everywhere, they bite everyone to infect the disease and join their guild. You have now played the role of a guy with top martial arts skills, able to defeat all of these monsters with a clever and clever way of playing. Do not use weapons such as guns or grenades as in other wars. In the game Kung Fu Z Mod you completely use your hands and feet, to perform the ultimate Kung Fu moves in legend with infinite power. As a fight that is almost 1 vs 100, you are fighting an enormous amount of monsters. Huge monsters will carry a greater amount of power and more difficult to destroy. You need to attack and defensively move in the most sensible way,

Graphics and in-game features

As mentioned in the first title, the Hack Kung Fu Z is a game written by the publisher in a retro orientation, the graphics in the game have a very classic tendency. Designed under the 2D game platform, the game will have a low capacity, so that will give us extremely smooth gameplay. And there is no lag and can operate on most mobile devices. The details in the game are made in no detail, the character or the surroundings are made in a form of large pixels similar to our 9x-era titles. In this game, the special feature that you can love is, you will be able to change your character as you like. By buying in-game store, from iron people or street hip hop style, dashing….

With the unlimited money feature of the Kung Fu Z game Mod version, we will experience a very useful feature exclusively for you when participating in the game. Everything in the game is purchased with money, to be able to buy the things you like can take a lot of time to accumulate. But now with the Mod version of this game, you will be able to enjoy buying whatever you like without worrying about the amount of money. A very useful feature for you to enjoy and play the game more easily, you will own everything that the Kung Fu Z Mod game store has.

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