Download Pure Tuber MOD APK (No Ads) for Android iOs
Download Pure Tuber MOD APK (No Ads) for Android iOs

Download Pure Tuber MOD APK (No Ads) for Android iOs

By hero - May 23, 2022
Name Pure Tuber
MOD Features No ads
Size 10.2 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Apps, Music & Audio
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Pure Tuber Studio
Genre ,
Update May 23, 2022 (7 months ago )
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Pure Tuber Mod apk is an application that helps you block ads while you surf the web. The application helps you to block the ads that annoy you.

1. Introducing Pure Tuber Mod Apk

Every day when you surf the web, watch videos containing too many annoying ads. You can rest assured that the Pure Tuber app will help you block unwanted ads from bothering you.

Pure Tuber is the best application to help you block ads today. The application not only helps you block ads, but also has the function to play videos up to 8k resolution. The application also contains videos in other types of formats you desire.

APK Pure Tuber mod

2. Features of Pure Tuber

  • Apps that can help you control ads

All types of ads are controlled by the software. Any ads uploaded from the videos are controlled, ensuring an ad-free viewing experience.

  • Pure Tuber helps you choose the types of ads you want to block

Pure Tuber helps you block annoying ads that are not subtle such as: Pornographic images, objectionable …

Blocks browsers and pop-ups, disrupts your work, and affects your computer’s battery. Unwanted video ads can also be blocked.

  • Pure Tuber helps to adjust the video size flexibly

Pure Tuber, You can adjust the thumbnail video window size to suit your needs. It can be moved to any position that feels most convenient. This helps you to experience different applications at the same time.

  • Pure Tuber gives you custom video quality

Pure Tuber can let you watch videos in 8K quality. In case of stable internet or low configuration, you can choose lower resolution levels 144p, 360p, or 480p, etc.

  • Pure Tuber application is easy to use

Pure Tuber With optimized interface, simple, easy to use application. The application does not have too many functions so its operation is easy to understand. Just look at the hint and you can use it right away.

  • Pure Tuber Helps to save machine power

The removal of ads helps you save battery power. Save time when watching videos. Eliminates the cache of advertising videos, helping to save memory for the device.

  • Pure Tuber has a huge video store

Pure Tuber gives you a huge video store for you to choose from with many different topics with absolutely no ads. Video topics are constantly updated, including: Music, movies, science, …

  • Pure Tuber helps you to store videos

After you log in to your account in Pure Tuber, the application will help you to save the videos you have watched on the application. Saves you time when going back to watching old videos. The video is still remembered, when you log into your account on other devices.

3. Pure Tuber MOD version and features

  •       Category: Apps
  •       Version:
  •       Developer: Pure Tube Studio
  •       Requirements: Android 4.4+
  •       Size: 10.2 MB
  •       Update: 03/2022
  •       MOD Features: No Ads (Premium / No ADS)

4. Instructions for installing Pure Tuber software

Step 1: Download Pure Tuber Mod apkr

– Go directly to the website , go to the search box, type the software name Pure Tuber mod apk and click the download button.       

Or click the download button in this article, choose the version suitable for your mobile device and download.       

Step 2: Install Pure Tuber software

After downloading Pure Tuber you just need to click the install button.       

Follow the instructions on the software to be able to install it simply and easily.       

5. Pure Tuber software user manual

Step 1: Open the Pure Tuber mod apk software by clicking on the Pure Tuber icon on the screen. Register an account to be able to access it on other devices that can store watched videos.       

Step 2: Choose the type of video to watch. Select the type of ad to remove.       

Step 3: Proceed to watch the video or make other browsers.       

6. Some questions about Pure Tuber mod apk

  • What is Pure Tube 

Pure Tuber is the best ad blocking application available today, not only helps you block ads but also has the function of playing videos up to 8k resolution. Or videos in other types of formats you desire.

  • How to download Pure Tuber ?

To download the Pure Tuber application for your computer or mobile device, simply visit our website Type  Pure Tuber  Mod apk in the search field and hit the download button for free.

  • How to use Pure Tuber ?

Pure Tuber mod apk is very easy and simple to use. First you go to our website to download the application. Then just tap on the Pure Tuber app icon , open it up, and follow my instructions above.

  • What are the highlights of Pure Tuber mod apk ?

Block the ads you want.       

Optimized interface, easy to use.       

Diverse and rich videos.       

  • Pure Tuber, Is the application secure?

– Pure Tuber mod apk application is very secure. The application will be more secure if you download it from the correct source and go through the censorship on       

To ensure security, when using any application, you should not declare real personal information, because personal information may be stolen.       

Do not download applications from unlicensed websites.       

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pure Tuber?

The advantage of Pure Tuber mod apk is: The interface is easy to use, suitable for many objects.       

Cons of Pure Tuber   are: Currently Pure Tuber mod apk is upgrading to the latest version, there is no new assessment of the disadvantages of the application.       

  • Can Pure Tuber mod apk be used on computers? 

Just go to and follow the instructions to download and use for all different platforms such as: Android, IOS, on Windows and MacOS.

7. Download now Pure Tuber Mod Apk for Android, iOS

Immediately download the Pure Tuber mod apk application on to your device. To block ads and experience watching videos surfing the web is no longer disturbed by ads.

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