Rolling Sky Mod Apk 3.4.5 (Unlimited Power-up)
Rolling Sky Mod Apk 3.4.5 (Unlimited Power-up)

Rolling Sky Mod Apk 3.4.5 (Unlimited Power-up)

By thiendi01 - August 29, 2022
Name Rolling Sky
Version 3.4.5
MOD Features Unlimited Power-ups
Size 77.6 MB
Requires Android 4.1, iOS 9.0+
Category Games, Music
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Price FREE
Publisher qing meng
Genre ,
Update August 29, 2022 (3 months ago )
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With addictive gameplay, Rolling Sky Mod right from its launch has made a strong impression on many gamers around the world. The game is developed by Cheetah Mobile – a mobile internet company in China. Not only is it a game maker, but it also releases a lot of famous mobile applications. 

How to play – Rolling Sky Mod gameplay

Rolling Sky Mod is a ball control game combined with extremely interesting music. The gameplay of this game is similar to Ketchapp’s Balls Race. In the game, you will control your balls to roll on the road with the task of not dropping. 

Rolling Sky Mod
Rolling Sky Mod gameplay

The path is created by a 3D block with colorful musical notes in an abstract world. The operations to be able to control your ball are very simple, you just need to touch one finger on the screen and then move in the direction you want to go to avoid obstacles.

The novelty in Rolling Sky Mod 

Many obstacles when the velocity of the game is increased. Time is lacking for you to reflect, the most important thing during this time is that you need to react urgently and accurately so as not to get caught in the pitfalls of the game. 

There are many dangers in the aisle 

On the aisle arose densely populated with deadly blanks. Many obstacles can move unthinkingly, in addition to falling objects from the sky or many others that will cause you to explode. 

So the game requires you to react immediately and you should be much more positive, especially if you want to notice the diamonds lying on the road. The game needs a high level of concentration, so just a second of lack of concentration, your adventure will end immediately and you need to start a lot from the beginning.

Let’s feel the great music

If you mention Rolling Sky Mod without mentioning the sound, it is a big mistake. The levels in the game are synchronized with the best edm tracks of the day giving you a great feeling. 

The investor also knows how to satisfy users by carefully selected music. However, the music in the game can make you lack concentration. 

We’ll be so sorry to feel the great music that your balls have to stop the challenges on the road. 

So at this point, I feel quite annoyed. However, this does not make me feel bored, but it provokes me to continue playing so as not to make old mistakes.

Make new achievements

Every time you lose, the game will give you a break for the achievements you already have. This helps Rolling Sky Mod become more competitive, with challenges around people breaking your achievements. 

Rolling Sky Mod
Make new achievements

And we will constantly strive to be able to make new achievements so that others are less likely to surpass. Next, you can share your achievements on social networks such as Zalo, Twitter, Instagram, to let your loved ones know.

Learn the scenes in the universe

Rolling Sky Mod has an abstract 3d structure, although quite simple, but also makes users satisfied. Creating colorful five continents with a series of scenes from space to dense forest, hell makes your trip more interesting than ever.


What’s interesting about the Rolling Sky Mod?

To make the game have dozens of new things on the production unit created many obstacles in the way such as lasers, hammers, obstacles, … In the early days of the game, many things were quite simple. Simple with background music, smelly. 

What is the genre of Rolling Sky?

The game belongs to the genre of highly entertaining music games.

Is it possible to play Rolling Sky Mod in offline mode?

With this game, you can completely play without your device having to connect to the Internet. 

Download Rolling Sky Mod for Android

Are you ready to roll with the ball? The challenges on the path of Rolling Sky Mod are waiting for you. The game is highly entertaining and suitable for all ages. If you enjoy this game, you can download the game via LMHMOD to feel it.

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