School Party Craft Mod Apk 1.6.6 (Unlimited Money)
School Party Craft Mod Apk 1.6.6 (Unlimited Money)

School Party Craft Mod Apk 1.6.6 (Unlimited Money)

By thiendi01 - September 12, 2022
Name School Party Craft
Version 1.6.6
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 47.8 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Candy Room Games & RabbitCo
Genre ,
Update September 12, 2022 (3 months ago )
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School Party Craft Mod is a game that simulates the world of young boys and girls revolving around school life, and much more. In addition to studying, teenagers have many other activities such as shopping, socializing, making friends. Extremely interesting if you want to go back to your naive high school days. 

Introducing the game School Party Craft Mod

School Party Craft Mod is a simulation world with fantasy, you can completely build a house like Minecraft PE, or Miga Town: My World you can create anything. In addition, as a young and dynamic person, you must also be stylish. 

Put on your own or choose the most trendy outfits, showing the most personality. Still with the typical graphics of a minecraft game but with a completely different context. There will no longer be a world with only trees and tall mountains. 

School Party Craft Mod
Introducing the game School Party Craft Mod

The world in the game School Party Craft mod is modern, fully equipped. Not simply school activities, you will enjoy many other interesting experiences. Brothers can perform tasks, receive bonuses, and buy furniture.

Freedom to build your own world

The playing style of School Party Craft Mod has been spent by the game maker in both quality and quantity. By breaking their own limits, users have the ability to create an entire city.

And the first thing to do when going into this game is to build yourself a beautiful house. Choose a place that you consider the most reasonable, smartest place to store your home. It is likely a land with 2 facades, surrounded by key areas.

  • Key areas such as medical facilities, schools, restaurants, or possibly nightclubs, discos. Your home is also likely to be located in a quiet area, away from the commotion. 
  • And to have a complete home, home decorations for birth are a must. You can buy a sofa set to invite guests each time they visit you. 

Many new experiences

You can enjoy the game in the direction of learning. In a state-of-the-art city, where full equipment and relief await. Starting from the school location, this is a great environment for you to be able to be friendly and social because it has colleagues. 

Now let’s go to the places that belong to the 2 words of relief, what about supermarkets? In School Party Craft Mod, there may be a lot of supermarkets and commercial areas to shop. You can bring back beautiful, unique, satisfactory clothes with your construction. 

School Party Craft Mod
The playing style of School Party Craft Mod has no limits

You remember your own house, there is also a need for different decorations in the house. Now come to a bigger thought, have you ever had the thought of buying a car? in School Party Craft Mod you are completely capable of owning yourself an audi or a lambo.

FAQs about School Party Craft Mod

How to create characters in School Party Craft?

One of the things when you start playing is to create a character. First, choose the gender, the active guy or the sling girl. Next, choose the color of the skin, eyes, eyebrows and hairstyle.

Dress stylishly and dress in many other styles. The player can be a charming but no less polite student. Or become Badboy dressed in Hip-hop. In addition, a large number of accessories are included so that you can choose the most suitable backpack, shoes and hat.

What is the simulation time in School Party Craft Mod?

A city modeled after a real-life area. In the morning you go to school, in the afternoon you go shopping in the mall. Evening drive to the stress bar. 

What is the category of School Party Craft?

School Party Craft belongs to the genre of simulating the world of young people in school life. In School Party Craft, in addition to building the city, exploring many things is not to be missed.

Download School Party Craft MOD APK for Android

Create your own unique and new house. Decorate your home with modern or classic furniture. School Party Craft Mod also has a lot of different interesting points, so you can enjoy the experience. Download the game now at LMHMOD!!!

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