Slime Hunter : Wild Impact APK 6.0.1
Slime Hunter : Wild Impact APK 6.0.1

Slime Hunter : Wild Impact APK 6.0.1

By CBCC - April 23, 2022
Name Slime Hunter : Wild Impact
Version 6.0.1
Size 80MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Com2uS Holdings
Update April 23, 2022 (8 months ago )
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Slime Hunter: Wild Impact Mod is a classic role-playing game. Happened in real-time. With the task of fighting strange creatures in many different environments. The game is designed with 2D Pixel graphics. Classic Retro style. Along with extremely impressive effects. Bring you a nostalgic experience. Different from the role-playing games on the market today. A series of missions take place in many different levels of play. With the appearance of countless monsters, even bosses. Will bring you fascinating battles. Along with the open gameplay, you will be an adventure to many new lands. Through the portal of space, transfer to enter a new world. Get to meet other NPCs and online players.

Download Slime Hunter: Wild Impact Mod – Adventure in a Mysterious World

The gameplay of Slime Hunter: Wild Impact Mod is a combination of adventure and action. Here, you play as a character in the game. Start to join the adventure to explore the world. Through conversations with NPC characters to receive quests. Then will begin to enter the war with the creatures. Defeat them with powerful moves and skills. After completing the challenge, receiving the character will gain experience points. When enough experience points are reached, the character will rise to a new level. Over time, perform each task in turn. Complete an excellent way to receive rewards. The character will reach the maximum level. Possessing outstanding combat power, and unlocked skills. At the same time, you can step into new lands and discover more interesting things.Game Slime Hunter Wild Impact Mod

Hero system with unique skills

Slime Hunter: Wild Impact Mod provides 3 characters. They are heroes possessing outstanding fighting power. Each hero has his own fighting style, using unique weapons. Hero Warrior is a swordsman. Using the sword in hand can cut all those who stand in the way. Next, the hero Archer is an archer. Own a bow with an unlimited number of arrows. Can deal massive damage to enemies from a distance. Finally, there’s Wizard, a grenade-throwing hero. With a very strong arm throwing force, explosions can be created. Causes enemies to take a lot of damage from thrown grenades. Each hero has 4 passive skills and 1 active skill. During the battle, you will have to use passive skills to attack.Ear Slime Hunter Wild Impact Mod

Creatures, giant bosses, wielding power

In the journey to explore the ancient world at Slime Hunter: Wild Impact Mod. You will have to face countless different enemies. Creatures look very cute but can cost you your life. More than that, sometimes you have to participate in boss battles. This is a large creature. The combat power was far superior to that of ordinary creatures. Along with a huge amount of health, there is the ability to withstand a lot of damage. To be able to defeat the boss, you have no choice but to focus on fighting. Use all of the hero’s skills to attack. Deals a large amount of damage to the boss, causing the health to gradually decrease. Maintain the best combat status. Gradually, you will defeat the boss to end the battle. At the same time have the opportunity to receive a lot of loot.Download Slime Hunter Wild Impact Mod

Equip the right weapon

The battle in Slime Hunter: Wild Impact Mod is getting more and more difficult. Your enemies are constantly getting stronger, especially the boss. To be able to conquer challenges in new lands. You need to be stronger. By equipping new weapons, it will increase superior combat power. Here, the game offers a diverse weapon system. Including swords, bows, and arrows, grenades, flamethrowers, fighter bullets, etc. With the original role-playing character selection. You can change the weapon to suit your character. From there will increase damage on each attack. Causes enemies to quickly lose their lives. Weapons can be collected after you complete the assigned mission.Slime Hunter Wild Impact Mod

It can be said that the combat effectiveness is the most outstanding feature of Slime Hunter: Wild Impact Mod. Shown through the moves and skills of the character when used to attack. The effects of light, smoke, and fire are extremely impressive. Create a fierce and dramatic battle scene. More than that, when using the character’s special skills. The whole map vibration effect will bring a sense of excitement. Incorporate classic soundtracks throughout the gameplay. At the same time, the sound will be changed to suit each activity taking place.

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