Sound Booster APK 1.8.2009
Sound Booster APK 1.8.2009

Sound Booster APK 1.8.2009

By naomi988 - August 25, 2022
Name Sound Booster
Version 1.8.2009
MOD Features N/A
Size 24.79M
Requires Android
Category Apps, Music & Audio
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Price FREE
Publisher Everyday_apps
Genre ,
Update August 25, 2022 (3 months ago )
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The Sound Booster APK application gives users the ability to adjust the volume higher than normal on a regular device. You will experience more unique features of the tool below this article.

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Introducing Sound Booster APK

Sound Booster software is a software that helps users to amplify the volume of computers and laptops. Besides amplifying the volume, this software also supports increasing the sound quality of the device.

Sound Booster is very suitable for users to make video calls from chat software such as Zalo, Skype, etc. Sound Booster allows you to increase the volume of programs and applications on your computer such as music players. , web browsers, games, online media software (Skype, MSN, Live).

At the same time, you can also customize the volume for each application or program on your computer to best suit your usage needs. The most outstanding features of Sound Booster can be mentioned as allowing to increase the volume to the maximum level without distortion and loss of sound quality, simple to use and start automatically with the system. system.

After successfully installing the Sound Booster tool on your PC, the device’s volume will no longer be limited to the sound card’s amplification effect, as the application will process the playing audio files before to the device hardware.

Main features of Sound Booster

Maximize the volume

With Sound Booster, the sound of any application or program playing in the system can easily be amplified up to 500%. Sound Booster can amplify the volume of web browsers, online communication applications and all media players or video games.

Simply put, the volume of all programs that can make sound in a Windows computer can be easily increased with Sound Booster. In general, this application is superior to Zing MP3, Spotify, and Mixcloud.

Very easy to use

You can control the current volume of your computer using a slider that pops up from the system tray. In addition, you can also assign hot keys to increase or decrease the volume and use them as needed

Auto start

Sound Booster will be automatically launched at the same time you start Windows so you don’t need to launch it manually. This will be quite useful if your PC speakers are so small that the overall volume level of the device is not enough in most cases.

No sound distortion

Sound Booster will continuously monitor the current volume gain and prevent it from being distorted, thus limiting audio distortions.

Sound Booster uses two methods to amplify the device’s volume, namely: Insert code and APO effect. Both methods possess their own advantages and limitations. To be able to cater for most PC situations, both methods will be enabled automatically by default. In addition, you can enable SuperBoost to get some extra features but also cause minor audio distortion.

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FAQs about Sound Booster

Does the app cost money?

Sound Booster APK is a completely free application at LMHMOD. You can download this app and amplify the sound for your device without paying any fee at all.

Is Sound Booster APK safe for devices?

Sound Booster APK is extremely safe for users’ devices. You can rest assured about information security because LMHMOD is technical team has verified this application through many of the world’s leading anti-virus software.

What device is the application suitable for?

Sound Booster APK is suitable and runs well on devices with Windows operating system.

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Download Sound Booster APK for Android

With the above article, I have sent you the information, advantages and usage of Sound Booster APK. Hope it will bring you the best sound experience during use. Download Sound Booster APK now and use it!

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