X Survive MOD APK 1.736 (Unlimited Money/Free Crafting)
X Survive MOD APK 1.736 (Unlimited Money/Free Crafting)

X Survive MOD APK 1.736 (Unlimited Money/Free Crafting)

By thiendi01 - September 12, 2022
Name X Survive
Version 1.736
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Free Crafting
Size 158.07 MB
Requires Android 5.0, iOS 11+
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Genre ,
Update September 12, 2022 (3 months ago )
DOWNLOAD (158.07 MB)
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Building Games If you change the game, you definitely can’t ignore Minecraft. However, compared to current games, it seems to be too old. Instead of enhanced ideas and extremely explosive gameplay, you should immediately try the X Survive MOD game. The 4-star gaming community is rated by many people, it can be said that this game is about to open a completely classy Era for the next generation. 

Introducing the game X Survive MOD

X Survive uses 3D graphics with extremely realistically designed character formats to describe the most natural way. That means when you join and challenge the game you will get and set foot in a completely new world inspired by real life. 

X Survive MOD APK
X Survive MOD APK

If you find many challenges in the game extremely difficult, then try to overcome them to find solutions. Then you probably understood that it was just a matter of sooner or later. 

The special thing in the game X Survive MOD

Beautiful 3D world A beautiful 

The 3D world to be opened in the game is truly spectacular when the publisher has been able to fulfill his imagination. The game has not bound you to any rules, but the only rule here is to be creative about doing anything to show your personality on the map area. 

Everything will be optimized for the devices you collect. A beautiful world opens up to welcome players to explore. 

Building a new world 

In the 3D world of X Survive MOD, your Earth is completely empty, full of giant monsters. If they see you, they will attack you and you have to figure out how to kill them while escaping. After being defeated with the item you receive will be very beneficial to you. Use the handwriting to move and shoot them down. 

Freedom to Craft 

Players are free to craft any item on this beautiful planet. You can even build a whole new city of your own. The alphabet is to let the imagination run wild as much as possible. 

X Survive
Freedom to Craft


Not only explore but you also have to know how to survive on the mysterious island. Where players have to mine minerals and craft all kinds of blocks from scrap they can find.

All you need to do is dig up the sand to find the right tools for you. Do you want to build a dream city or a base for you on this planet? Let’s try it. 

Live like a real person 

You can rest, eat and entertain or also play mini games on the computer naturally. Build yourself a house first. Maybe it’s just a shelter at first, but don’t stop. Build more so you can make your future world.

Play freely 

With simple combat mechanics and you can play alone, no need to interact with anyone else. Survive and build your own base like a box to discover the surprises of life. 

There will be more than 500 different blocks to craft and build houses. A big important scene opens before your eyes and you are free to do anything.

Share on social networks 

After successfully building yourself a dream house, share it on social networks right away for your friends to know. This is a great feature that you should use.

X Survive
Share on social networks

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X Survive MOD what genre? 

The game is a simulation and you can build all you like right on this application. 

Is downloading X Survive safe for the device? 

The application is completely safe if you access LMHMOD to download. To ensure a successful installation process, players should keep their device free and have a stable connection. 

Is there a fee to play X Survive MOD? 

You can experience the game completely for free. However, some features, if you want to buy items, still cost money. 

Download X Survive MOD APK for Android iOS

If players are bored with old simulation games and game play is not too interesting, then try to experience X Survive MOD . Not only does it bring drama, but it’s also extremely fun so you can be creative.

DOWNLOAD (158.07 MB)
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