Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL APK 1.1.0
Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL APK 1.1.0

Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL APK 1.1.0

By naomi988 - September 12, 2022
Version 1.1.0
MOD Features N/A
Size 956M
Requires Android 6.0+
Category Games, Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher jp.konami.crossduel
Genre ,
Update September 12, 2022 (3 months ago )
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If you are looking for a strategy game, the game Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL APK will meet that need. Learn the Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL APK through the article below.

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Introducing Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL APK

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a popular manga series by author Kazuki Takahashi and it has been serialized in WEEKLY SHOEN JUMP by SHUEISHA Inc. since 1996. Konami Company has offered card games (TCG) and console games based on the anime series of the same name that are loved by fans around the world.

And Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL is the latest product of this series, which has just been released in a global version. You can experience the uniqueness of the game with similar titles such as: League of Tanks – Global War, Soul Knight, Gangs Town Story.

New innovations of the game

This time Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL will bring all players many new changes as well as quality improvements. First of all, players will be able to fight with familiar characters in the previous 7 movies, and players can also interact, chat and create relationships with them. That will help you and them coordinate better in the match, thereby winning more important victories. In particular, all the characters appearing in the game will be voiced by the Japanese voice actors according to their prototypes in the anime.

The next innovation of the Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL is the monster cast. Not only improved in terms of visual effects, the monsters in the game now appear as 3D models, which gives the feeling of being involved in a real card battle. In addition, the detail of the monsters has also been significantly increased, players can now observe every wrinkle of the cloak or the rough skin of different monsters,… Especially In order to increase the variety in the style of play, the game’s production team has added different skills and skills, thereby offering many different fighting styles.

Fight with friends

Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL allows players to participate in online battles with other opponents. The game also has a friend mechanism to help players participate in top matches with their comrades.

Various cards

In Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL, players can use a variety of cards such as monsters, spell cards, trap cards, etc. These cards will help players build a variety of strategies and unlock the tools of victory.


Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL is developed and published by Konami. This studio is certainly familiar to those who have played with super products like PES, eFootball or Castlevania, etc. Therefore, players do not need to worry too much about the graphic quality of this game project. Not to mention, the developer also commits that the game will own a quality graphics platform with beautiful shimmering images. Players will be able to witness first-hand the monsters summoned from the deck with details that are meticulously and carefully designed, providing the most eye-catching experience.

Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL APK {{version}}

FAQs about Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL

Yu-Gi-Oh! Is CROSS DUEL free?

Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL APK is completely free to download at LMHMOD’s website. You can immediately download this game and experience extremely attractive monster card battles without paying us any fees.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Is CROSS DUEL APK heavy?

Surely Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL APK will consume a lot of space on your mobile device. However, mid-range devices can still easily fight this game smoothly, with medium or low graphics settings. In return, players will have hours of fun gaming. satisfied and excited.

Yu-Gi-Oh! What age group is CROSS DUEL suitable for?

Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL APK at LMHMOD is a game suitable for players 12 years and older. You need to carefully consider your age before downloading and experiencing this game.

Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL APK {{version}}

Download Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL APK for Android

If you have been immersed for many hours in the world of animation or manga Yu Gi Oh! Full of thrills and have a desire to meet familiar characters in battles with extremely “cool” monsters in cards, you will not be able to ignore the card strategy game Yu-Gi-Oh CROSS DUEL APK at LMHMOD. Do not hesitate any longer, download this game right away and enjoy hours of great entertainment!

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