Download Zalo APK 22.04.02 for Android iOs
Download Zalo APK 22.04.02 for Android iOs

Download Zalo APK 22.04.02 for Android iOs

By hero - May 24, 2022
Name Zalo
Version 22.04.02
MOD Features N/A
Size 72MB
Requires Android 4.0+
Category Apps, Social
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Zalo Group
Genre ,
Update May 24, 2022 (7 months ago )
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Zalo Apk is a free social networking application used for calling, texting, two-way conversation, sending files, photos and sharing information.

1. Introducing Zalo APK

Zalo Apk is a free social networking application of Vietnamese people. Application used to call, text, two-way conversation, send files, photos and share information on social networks anytime, anywhere.

Zalo application has a connecting role like facebook social network, is a product optimized for Vietnamese people to use both in terms of language and interface. The application helps Vietnamese people communicate and chat in the easiest and most convenient way.

Download Zalo APK {{version}} for Android iOs

Today, the application is also extended to many people in many countries around the world.

2. Features of Zalo APK

  • Quickness and stability of Zalo Apk

Zalo Apk application makes calling, texting fast, efficient and stable. Information such as images, videos, files can be sent or shared in high quality.

  • Zalo has a simple and convenient user interface

Because Zalo is an application produced by Vietnamese people, the user interface is optimized at the highest level. Convenient for Vietnamese to use in a simple, easy and convenient way.

The interface clearly shows the features of calling, messaging, making friends, creating chat groups. Users can use it in the most convenient way. Zalo’s user interface is always improved to suit Vietnamese users.

  • Zalo has many attractive features

Calling and messaging features. Feature to send photos, documents, videos. Features to create groups, features to share information, features to connect friends to chat everywhere, as long as your device has a network connection.

Reading feature shares all information on social networks, helping you to update information of many people quickly. You can also freely share information, or your beautiful moments to save diary information or record good memories.

The advertising and sales features of Zalo ads are very effective. With this feature you can advertise products to be able to sell effectively on Zalo.

  • Confidentiality, privacy

Zalo is strictly secured, there are always bad warnings from malicious websites. It is possible to block the account of the offending or suspected community. The information is confirmed through the user’s phone number.

Privacy is reflected in the ability to disclose personal information to anyone you want. Users can control permissions for friend requests, receive messages and calls proactively.

  • Emergency assistance feature

Zalo has a 24/7 care management team to help you solve your problems when you encounter them. Support you and your community in emergency situations.

Zalo apk ensures a fast and stable connection for users anytime, anywhere when there is a problem.

  • Other features of Zalo

– Easily login or make friends by scanning the QR code.

– Can access the website and login without installing the application.

– Login easily from platforms such as: Web, phone, windows, …

3. Zalo MOD version and features

  •       Category : Social networking apps
  •       Version : 22.04.01
  •       Developer : Zalo Group
  •       Requirements : Any platform
  •       Size : 72 MB
  •       Update : 05/2022

Step 1: Download Zalo software

– Go directly to the website , go to the search box, type the name of the software Zalo apk and click the download button.       

Or click the download button in this article, choose the version suitable for your mobile device and download.       

Step 2: Install Zalo software

After downloading Zalo, you just need to click the install button.       

Follow the instructions on the software for simple and easy installation.       

4. Instructions for using Zalo apk

Step 1: Open the Zalo apk application by clicking on the Zalo icon on the screen.       

Step 2: You declare registration information to zalo account such as: Name, phone number used. Then zalo will send a verification code over the phone. Enter the code and complete the registration.       

Step 3: Log in to your zalo account, connect friends by entering your friends’ phone numbers, enter or scan QR codes, scan for friends through contacts, or choose automatic friend scanning mode.       

5. Some questions about the software Zalo apk

  •  What is Zalo

Zalo is a free social networking application of Vietnamese people. Application used to call, text, two-way conversation, send files, photos and share information on social networks anytime, anywhere.

  • How to download Zalo ?

To download the Zalo application for your computer or mobile device, you just need to visit our website . Type  Zalo apk in the search box and press the free download button.

  • How to use Zalo apk ?

Zalo is easy to use and simple to use. First you go to our website to download the application. Then proceed to install and use according to our instructions above.

  • What are the highlights of Zalo apk ?

Zalo application is free to use.       

Easy-to-use interface, very suitable for Vietnamese people       

Many features: Messaging, calling, video calling, sharing document images.       

  • Is Zalo apk application secure?

– Zalo application is very secure. Apps are safer if you download them from the correct source and go through censorship on       

To ensure security, when using applications of unknown origin, you should not declare real personal information, because personal information may be stolen.       

Do not download apps from untrusted or unlicensed websites.       

  •  What are the advantages and disadvantages of Zalo apk ?

Advantages of Zalo are: The interface is optimized, easy to use, suitable for Vietnamese users. There are many functions for you to freely use such as: making friends, texting, video calling, reading and sharing information for free.       

Disadvantages of Zal o are: Cannot share videos or documents that are too large. When the phone number registers to use Zalo, if you transfer the phone number to another person, that person can use your Zalo. Therefore, when transferring the phone number to another person,       

  • Can the Zalo apk application on the computer be used?  

Zalo apk of phone devices. Can also be used directly on the Web.

  • Is it safe to download Zalo application?

 Zalo apk is a very safe and secure application, so you can rest assured when downloading and using it. However, you should download software from reputable websites to keep you safer.

6. Download now Zalo Apk for Android, iOS

Immediately download the Zalo apk application on to your device. You can safely surf the web, text, make friends and chat for free.

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